Date Subject Scripture Speaker
2018-10-23 Revival tuesday pmvariousTommy Snowdon
2018-10-22 Revival Monday PMVariousTommy Snowdon
2018-10-21 Revival Sunday pmvariousTommy Snowdon
2018-10-21 Revival Sunday amvariousTommy Snowdon
2018-10-14 JustifiedRomans 5:12-21Don Myers
2018-10-07 Stand Fast1 thessolonians 2:13-17Don Myers
2018-09-30 Dont lose it ,Use it1 thessolonians 1:3Nathan swartz
2018-09-09 TalentsMatthew 25:14-30Don Myers
2018-09-02 Signs Of Last DaysMatthew 24:14-27Don Myers
2018-08-26 Do the best you can to lovingly serve all you can1 Thessalonians 1 :3Nathan Swartz
2018-08-19 Best Shot for Life: DisciplineRomans 8:9,11,14,23,25,28,31,32Don Myers
2018-08-12 High PriestHebrews 7:1-28Don Myers
2018-08-05 Evening ServiceMatthew 5Floyd West
2018-08-05 Honduras MissionaryDan Isbell
2018-07-29 Peters FallLuke 22:54-62Don Myers
2018-07-22 Work Out, How to Live Out, Your Faith1 Thessalonains 1:3Nathan Swartz
2018-07-15 Sheep and GoatsMatthew 25:31-46Don Myers
2018-07-08 Love #21Cor 13:1-13Don Myers
2018-07-01 GuidanceProverbs 3:1-13Don Myers
2018-06-24 Homecoming - 2018 -Ecclesiastes 12:13 1-7Tommy Snowden
2018-06-24 Evening ServiceIsaiah 54JE Register
2018-06-17 Love1 Corinthians 13:1-13Don Myers
2018-06-10 Fulfillment of ProphecyLuke:24:33-53Don Myers
2018-06-03 Do the Best You Can to Bring About Gods PlanJohn 15:8Nathan Swartz
2018-05-27 Last DaysEzekiel 37:21-23 39:1-10 Daniel 12:1-4 RDon Myers
2018-05-20 Take Care1Peter 5:7-11 Eph 6:12Acts 26:18 othersDon Myers
2018-05-13 LoveGalatians 5:14-26Don Myers
2018-05-06 The Joy of Jesus Fully Fills My LifeJohn 15:10-13Nathan Swartz
2018-04-29 Rules For LivingPhillippians 4:4-13Don Myers