Date Subject Scripture Speaker
2018-02-18 ForgiveMatthew 5:43-46 6:9-15 18:15-22Don Myers
2018-02-11 Sunday EveningActs 2Floyd West
2018-02-11 As a Christian, I walk with an unshakeable GodPsalm 119:41-48Nathan Swartz
2018-02-04 Sin DoomedRevelation 18 19Don Myers
2018-01-28 When I am about to Fall, Run ro the Father thats AllPsalm 119:89-94Nathan Swartz
2018-01-21 But We See JesusAmos9:11-15 Hebrews 2:8-18Don Myers
2018-01-21 Convention Choir EnsemblePsalm 100:1Jan Raynor
2018-01-14 Teach Me - Give Me - Lead Me GodPsalm 119:33-37Nathan Swartz
2018-01-07 Ephesians StudyEhesians 1:1-14Nathan Swartz
2017-12-31 Jesus ChristEphesians 3:9-21Don Myers
2017-12-24 ChristmasLuke 2:1-20Don Myers - Nathan Swartz
2017-12-17 DiscipleshipMatthew 16:21-28 18:21-22Don Myers
2017-12-10 Evening ServicePsalm 22JE Register
2017-12-10 Joy And PeaceJohn 16:22-33Don Myers
2017-12-09 O Little Town of BethlehemChristmas CantataChapel by the Bay Choir
2017-12-03 Christian MaturityEphesians 4:11-16 29-32Don Myers
2017-11-26 New WineMark 2:18-28Don Myers
2017-11-19 Evening ServiceDeuteronomy 28:1JE Register
2017-11-19 PersecutionLuke 21:12-19Don Myers
2017-11-12 Evening Service1 Peter 4JE Register
2017-11-12 Gods Word SureRomans 1:3-6,16-17;2:6-7, 29;3:10,23-24Don Myers
2017-11-05 Life--A Period of WaitingRomans 8:19-28Don Myers
2017-10-29 Surrendered LifeRomans 12:1-21Don Myers
2017-10-22 Evening MessageJohn 2JE Register
2017-10-22 New LifeRomans 8:1-18Don Myers
2017-10-15 Communion reminds us to Proclaim the Gospel to our CommunityMatthew 26:26-29Nathan Swartz
2017-10-11 One in ChristJohn 17:20-26 Romans 8:35-39 Rev 21:3 2Ken Barrows
2017-10-10 The Power of His Love1 Corinthians 2:1-16Ken Barrows
2017-10-09 Born AgainEzekiel 36:21-28; John 3:3-8Ken Barrows
2017-10-08 Walk After the SpiritRomans 8:1-16Ken Barrows
2017-10-08 Crucified with ChristRomans 6:1-23Ken Barrows
2017-10-01 Save Some1 Corinthians 9:16-27Don Myers
2017-09-24 Everone Spends Forever SomewhereMatthew 25:46Nathan Swartz
2017-09-17 Live for the Lord like there is no TomorrowMatthew 24:42Nathan Swartz
2017-09-10 Jesus PrayerMatthew 26:36-46Don Myers
2017-09-03 Work2Thes 3:10-12 Gen 2:15, 3:19Don Myers
2017-08-27 God Changes Everything Through LoveMatthew 22:34-40Nathan Swartz
2017-08-20 Christ's Sudden AppearanceActs 2:17-21 Matt 24:27-39Don Myers
2017-08-20 Evening ServiceJames 4Floyd West