Date Subject Scripture Speaker
2018-06-17 Love1 Corinthians 13:1-13Don Myers
2018-06-10 Fulfillment of ProphecyLuke:24:33-53Don Myers
2018-06-03 Do the Best You Can to Bring About Gods PlanJohn 15:8Nathan Swartz
2018-05-27 Last DaysEzekiel 37:21-23 39:1-10 Daniel 12:1-4 RDon Myers
2018-05-20 Take Care1Peter 5:7-11 Eph 6:12Acts 26:18 othersDon Myers
2018-05-13 LoveGalatians 5:14-26Don Myers
2018-05-06 The Joy of Jesus Fully Fills My LifeJohn 15:10-13Nathan Swartz
2018-04-29 Rules For LivingPhillippians 4:4-13Don Myers
2018-04-22 Live Like the Lord, Lay Down your LifeJohn 15:9-17Nathan Swartz
2018-04-15 Philip Opened his MouthActs:26-39Don Myers
2018-04-08 Linger Longer with the Lord JesusJohn 15:1-8Nathan Swartz
2018-04-08 Evening Service2 Timothy 2JE Register
2018-04-01 Conqueror Of DeathJohn 20Don Myers
2018-03-25 Evening ServiceActs 4:12Jacob Bradshaw
2018-03-25 The Triumphal EntryLuke 19:28-48Don Myers
2018-03-18 Last WeekMatthew 21:18-22 25:31-46Don Myers
2018-03-11 Ears to HearMatthew 13:1-9l 19-23Don Myers
2018-03-04 Let Others Benefit From Your Persuit of GodPsalm 119:57-64Nathan Swartz
2018-02-26 Alma Lee TestimonyTestimonyAlma Lee
2018-02-25 Two Opinions1 Kings 18:17-38Don Myers
2018-02-18 ForgiveMatthew 5:43-46 6:9-15 18:15-22Don Myers
2018-02-11 As a Christian, I walk with an unshakeable GodPsalm 119:41-48Nathan Swartz
2018-02-11 Sunday EveningActs 2Floyd West
2018-02-04 Sin DoomedRevelation 18 19Don Myers
2018-01-28 When I am about to Fall, Run ro the Father thats AllPsalm 119:89-94Nathan Swartz
2018-01-21 Convention Choir EnsemblePsalm 100:1Jan Raynor
2018-01-21 But We See JesusAmos9:11-15 Hebrews 2:8-18Don Myers
2018-01-14 Teach Me - Give Me - Lead Me GodPsalm 119:33-37Nathan Swartz
2018-01-07 Ephesians StudyEhesians 1:1-14Nathan Swartz
2017-12-31 Jesus ChristEphesians 3:9-21Don Myers
2017-12-24 ChristmasLuke 2:1-20Don Myers - Nathan Swartz
2017-12-17 DiscipleshipMatthew 16:21-28 18:21-22Don Myers